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Dil Mastana Group & Judit Abraham / Indian folk music and dance from Rajasthan/ Indian-Hungarian folk parallels

Dil Mastana Group

Dil Mastana Group belongs to Rajasthan’s most famous traditional musician community, the Langa performers. Their songs have preserved the purity of their unchanging ancient musical tradition. Their ancestors were also professional musicians who played music at the weddings and birth celebrations of their patroning landlords and royal families. Their repertoire reflects the perfect musical harmony of their ornamented Indian and Rajasthani songs accompanied by the echoing sound of the ”Sindhi sarangi” and their rolling rhythms. Members of the group are excellent artists who have performed throughout India and at various festivals worldwide. They are honorable representatives of India’s stunningly rich musical tradition. Members of the group are world-famous musicians: as members of Musafir and Maharaja groups they played concerts in several countries of the world, and we can also see them as musician characters in the film called Gypsy Caravan (Director: Jasmine Dellal).

Judit Abraham

Judit Abraham is a versatile artist originally from Transylvania. She is reknowned in both European and Indian professional circles. She is an expert in Hungarian music and dance as well as Indian music and dance. Since 2009 she has been regularly traveling to India and Rajasthan to collect, study and perform folk songs and dances. She performs and holds workshops in Budapest and Paris. Her group is called Matki Dance Group. She often invites Indian performers from Rajasthan to join her on European tours. In 2017 released the Indian-Hungarian Folk Parallels CD: Dil Mastana, Judit Abraham & Róbert Kerényi ( Hunnia Records, Hungary)

English translation: Gina Rubik || Photo by: Johanna Lieber